Senior Art Camp

Flying Arts Alliance

Columboola, 2014


Emmaus College

North Keppel Island 



Emmaus College

North Keppel Island



Yeppoon State High

North Keppel Island



Noel and Toowoomba artist Jesse Wright help students create sculptural work with found objects.

Students carve and create clay plaques during one of Noel's pottery workshops.

Students use ceramic tools and everyday objects to design their plaques.

Carving styrofoam forms ahead of a bronze casting session by Rockhampton artist Brendon Tohill.

Plaques, casts and sculptures completed.

Emmaus art students head to an unblemished sand bar for a group sand art session.

Sand art completed.

Students taking plaster casts of ripples in the sand caused by tricking sea water.

Taking plaster of Paris moulds of patterns in the sand.

The finished casts.

Yeppoon State High School students plan their group art installation.

Underway. Students have started carving hebel block (aerated concrete) into the shapes needed for their group artwork.

The students finished pieces in Noel's studio where he sets about assembling them using metal bands as joiners.

The Yeppoon High School student's group installation now hangs from a pine tree on North Keppel Island for all to see.

Detailed view of the student work.

Detailed view of the completed student work.

Emmaus art students use the natural environment to create large scale work.

The finished group sand art.

Students tried their hand at sand sculpting

Students record the progress of their artwork.

One of the activities - taking plaster casts of impressions in the sand.

Emmaus students get creative with fluoro paint during the evening activities.